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How to use the Wheel of Life as an Intentional Living Tool

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How to use the Wheel of Life as an Intentional Living Tool

This page contains links to Lillie Bee’s Wellness products and services. We take pride in sharing only what we have personally crafted for your Holistic Wellness Journey. For more details, please review our terms and conditions. Explore More of the …

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Table of Contents

How to Use The Wheel of Life as an Intentional Living Tool

Hey there, Sisters in Wellness! 

Have you ever been asked to make a wish on the spot? Or been told this is an auspicious time to set your intentions towards a new career or build upon a spiritual gift. Without having ever thought about those areas of your life, there is a good chance you felt unprepared, and possibly even rushed or skipped that “Auspicious” time to manifest.

Today, let’s dive into the art of intentional living, discovering the power of a tool that’s been a guiding light for countless seekers—the Wheel of Life. This tool is a wonderful asset to have on your Journey to intentional wellness.

While there are many references to the wheel of life and how to use it, this particular guide is created to help you get crystal clear on the life you want to manifest. The best part is, we teach you how to set intentions in each area, helping you stay ready so you don’t have to get ready! Follow the guidance below to carve the way for intentional and purposeful living.

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Understanding the Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life, often depicted as a circle divided into segments, represents different facets of our lives. These segments, or areas, cover crucial aspects in your life, such as career, relationships, health, and personal growth. Traditionally, the wheel has been used as a tool to help you gain insights into your current state and identify areas that deserve more attention. In this blog post, we are taking it a step further by define the specific intentions you want set and act on in each area. 

Let’s break down each life area and guide you in identifying personalized intentions. This way, when an auspicious time to manifest arises, you’ll be ready with clear intentions tailored to your well thought out desires. By taking time to review and infuse intention into your wheel of life analysis, you will successfully create a personal navigator through life’s intricate journey.

In our intentional Analysis, we explore the following key areas:

Family and Friends

This area analyzes the connections in your life, from family bonds to friendships and community ties.

Ask yourself: How can you nurture and deepen existing relationships or foster new, meaningful bonds?

Finance and Wealth

The delicate dance of managing resources, budgeting, and nurturing financial goals.

Ask yourself: What financial goals reflect your aspirations? How can you integrate intentional money practices to create a harmonious dance between your resources and your dreams?

Physical Environment

The physical and emotional environments upon which our daily lives unfold, from our homes to workspaces, shaping our sense of well-being.

Ask yourself: How does your physical environment influence your well-being? What intentional changes can you make to create spaces that support and uplift you?

Romance and Relationship

The blanket of love and connection that adds depth and meaning to our lives.

Ask yourself: What intentional gestures can enhance your relationships? How can you bring more conscious awareness and depth to the love in your life?

Career and Business

The professional domain where aspirations bloom, and success takes root.

Ask yourself: What aspirations are ready to bloom in your professional life? How can you align your career goals with your deepest aspirations through intentional action?

Fun and Entertainment

The playful strokes of joy, hobbies, and activities that color our lives with happiness.

Ask yourself: In the aspect of joy and entertainment, what activities light up your soul? How can you intentionally infuse more moments of happiness and playfulness into your daily routine?

Spiritual and Personal Development

Your personal sanctuary for inner peace, mindfulness, and the gentle nurturing of the soul.

Ask yourself: What practices resonate with your soul’s journey? How can you infuse intentional moments of growth and self-discovery into your daily life?

Holistic Well-Being

 The rhythm of overall health, encompassing physical fitness, emotional balance, and mental vitality.

Ask yourself: In terms of holistic well-being, what small, intentional changes can you make to support your overall health? How can you redefine your approach to fitness and self-care to align with your unique physical, emotional, and mental needs?

Areas of the Wheel: A Map to Intentional Living​

Now that we've grasped the essence of the Wheel of Life and its diverse segments, let's view these areas as a personalized map to intentional living and Manifesting. Each facet on the wheel is a distinct area of focus that you can use to manifest your desired reality. When personalizing Your Wheel of Life, you will find unique opportunities for growth, joy, and fulfillment. Consider the wheel as your compass, guiding you with clarity and direction as you embark on a manifestation and intentional living journey.

Let's take a closer look at each area and what intentional living might entail:

Family and Friends

Foster meaningful connections. Intentional living in this area involves nurturing relationships, scheduling quality time, and expressing gratitude for the support and love shared. Actively engage in moments of vulnerability and celebration, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the bonds that have been cultivated over your life. Each intentional act becomes a key, unlocking the depth of your relationships.

Set Intention: I am a part of something greater than myself. I belong. I intend to schedule quality time with loved ones, actively listen, and express gratitude for the support and love shared in my relationships.

Finance and Wealth

Explore opportunities for wealth-building, recognizing that financial abundance is a tool to manifest your dreams and contribute positively to the world. This intentional approach to money transforms it from a stressor to a harmonious partner in your journey. Creating a budget becomes a compass, guiding your financial decisions and aligning them with your values and aspirations. Set savings goals as milestones on your path to financial well-being, generating a sense of security and freedom.

Set Intention: I am capable of reaching financial freedom. I intend to create a detailed budget, set savings goals, and explore opportunities for wealth-building to achieve financial abundance and stability.

Physical Environment

Crafting spaces that align with your well-being transforms your surroundings into a sanctuary. Decluttering becomes a meditative practice, clearing not only physical space but also mental and emotional clutter. Redecorating becomes a creative expression, infusing your environment with colors and textures that resonate with your energy. Creating an organized living or working space becomes a deliberate act, enhancing your overall sense of tranquility and focus. Each intentional change reflects your inner calm.

Set Intention: My environment is a reflection of the life I lead. I intend to declutter and create an organized living space that enhances my overall sense of tranquility and well-being.

Romance and Relationship

Conscious awareness becomes the foundation of intentional living in your partnerships. Heartfelt communication, a cornerstone of romantic connection, creates a space for understanding and growth. Surprise gestures become the language of love, infusing spontaneity and joy into your relationships. Shared experiences, whether small adventures or deep conversations, become the building blocks of a strong and enduring connection. In this realm, intentional living becomes the art of actively nurturing and growing the love that colors your life.

Set Intention: I am a giver and receiver of love. I intend to engage in heartfelt communication, create surprise gestures, and share meaningful experiences to actively nurture and grow my romantic relationships.

Career and Business

In the professional arena, intentional living propels you toward a career aligned with your passion and purpose. Skill development becomes a continuous journey, evolving your capabilities in harmony with your aspirations. Networking transforms into meaningful connections, fostering collaborations that elevate your professional path. Exploring new opportunities becomes an intentional act, guided by your long-term goals and a commitment to a fulfilling career. This intentional approach to your professional journey empowers you to bloom where your aspirations take root.

Set Intention: I intend to focus on skill development, network with industry professionals, and consider new opportunities that resonate with my passion and purpose.

Fun and Entertainment

Infusing joy into your life intentionally becomes an art form. Exploring hobbies becomes an avenue for self-expression and discovery, nurturing your passions. Trying new activities becomes an adventurous pursuit, injecting excitement and novelty into your routine. Scheduling downtime becomes a deliberate act of self-care, ensuring moments of relaxation and enjoyment become a priority in your busy life. Each intentional pursuit of joy becomes a leap towards happiness and fulfillment.

Set Intention:I intend to explore new hobbies, try different activities, and schedule regular downtime for relaxation and enjoyment, bringing playful strokes of joy into my life.

Spiritual and Personal Development

Embrace practices that nourish your soul, creating a sacred space for self-discovery. Daily meditation opens the gateway to inner peace, while journaling becomes a mirror reflecting your thoughts and aspirations. Engage in meaningful conversations, be it with trusted confidants or through literature, inviting the wisdom of others to deepen your understanding of self. This segment encourages a profound journey inward, where each intentional practice unravels the path to personal evolution.

Set Intention: I intend to prioritize daily meditation and engage in meaningful conversations that foster my inner growth and spiritual connection.

Holistic Well-being

Embark on a transformative journey of holistic well-being by setting realistic health goals that encompass not only physical fitness but also emotional balance and mental vitality. Adopting a new workout routine becomes a joyful exploration of movement, tailor-made to invigorate your body and soul. Embrace nourishing dietary habits, recognizing the profound impact of what you consume on your overall vibrancy. Align your actions with the vision of a vibrant, healthy you, where each intentional choice becomes an easy fulfilling addition to your well-being journey.

Set Intention: I intend to adopt a new workout routine and embrace nourishing dietary habits to align my actions with the vision of a vibrant and healthy me.

Wheel of Life Personal Assessment

Before we delve deeper into setting your own intentions in each area of the wheel of life, let’s reflect on where you are today. In the sliding table below, you will find journal prompts for each area of life. Grab your journey and a comfy corner and take a moment to reflect on each section of the wheel, assigning a score from 1 to 10 based on your current satisfaction. As you evaluate, consider which areas are flourishing and which may need a bit more nourishment, tender care, and intentional focus.

  • Family and Friends

    Consider the richness of your connections. Are there relationships that shine brightly, and are there areas where intentional nurturing could deepen your bonds? Rate on a scale of 1-10.

  • Finance and Wealth

    Reflect on your financial landscape. How aligned are your current money practices with your values and long-term aspirations? Rate on a scale of 1-10.

  • Physical Environment

    Assess the spaces you inhabit daily. Do they reflect and support your well-being? How might intentional changes in your physical environment contribute to a more tranquil and organized life? Rate on a scale of 1-10.

  • Romance and Relationship

    How fulfilling are your romantic relationships? What intentional gestures or actions could enhance the depth and connection within them? Rate on a scale of 1-10.

  • Career and Business

    Reflect on your professional journey. Does your career align with your passion and purpose? Are there intentional steps you can take to further your professional growth? Rate on a scale of 1-10.

  • Fun and Entertainment

    Consider the joy and playfulness in your life. What hobbies or activities bring you happiness, and how can you intentionally infuse more of them into your routine? Rate on a Scale of 1-10.

  • Spiritual and Personal Development

    How connected do you feel to your inner self? Are there practices that bring you joy and foster personal growth? Rate on a Scale of 1-10.

  • Holistic Well-Being

    In terms of physical, emotional, and mental well-being, where do you currently stand? What small, intentional changes could contribute to your overall health? Rate on a scale of 1-10.

Notate your scores and journal your observations; this personalized assessment will be used when you craft powerful Intention statements for each area of life. Consider revisiting this assessment regularly, perhaps with each change of season, allowing room for reflection and continuous growth. While the questions are simple, we challenge you to take time to reflect on your responses. Set quiet time and space aside to honestly reflect on your feeling about each area of life and how truly fulfilled or unfulfilled you are in them. The goal here is to have a clear note of where you are as well as where you want to be. This information is so valuable to refer to and can be used to craft powerful affirmation and Statements of Intent. Having these precrafted tools is just what you need to feel empowered to manifest in any astrological season.

Setting Clear Intentions: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you’ve gathered a picture of your personal Wheel of Life, let’s start setting clear intentions for each of the life areas. Reflect on your personal assessment, Identify your main Priorities, Clarify Desires, Visualize Success, and Craft Affirmations and Intentions:


Consider the insights from your Wheel of Life assessment. What patterns emerge? What areas are calling for growth or transformation?

Identify Priorities

Pinpoint a maximum of three areas that resonate as priority intentions for the next month. Focusing on a few key areas allows for a more concentrated and impactful practice.

Clarify Desires

In each chosen life area, clarify your desires. What does success look and feel like? Be specific and authentic about your aspirations.

Visualize Success

Close your eyes and visualize yourself thriving in each chosen area. Picture the details, emotions, and the positive impact on your life.

Craft Affirmations and Intentions

Transform your desires into empowering affirmations and Intentions. These concise statements serve as powerful reminders of your intentions and align your mindset with your goals.

In your journal, use the above steps to cleary set Intentions for each of the life areas we’ve gone over. If you need a detailed overview of how to craft meaningful intentions, we dive deeper into this topic in our 9 week Crystal Clarity Email Course. You can find more details about enrolling in the course at the end of the blog post. Here is a link if you are ready to signup now.

Using the Wheel for Monthly Intentions with Moon Cycles

Now, let’s dive into easy ways to integrate the magic of the moon cycles into our intentional living practice:

As the new moon graces the sky, embrace fresh beginnings. Align your intentions with the zodiac sign of the new moon for added celestial support. For example, a new moon in Aries may inspire intentions related to fitness and holistic wellbeing or bold career moves.

During the waxing moon, focus on growth in your chosen areas. This phase is ideal for action and expansion, mirroring the increasing light of the moon. Channel your energy toward making progress in the intentions set during the new moon.

As the full moon illuminates the night, release what no longer serves you. Reflect on the intentions set during the new moon, celebrate achievements, and let go of any obstacles hindering your progress. Connect with the zodiac sign of the full moon for added guidance.

In the waning moon phase, turn inward. This is a time for introspection and refinement. Evaluate your progress, adjust your intentions as needed, and prepare for the next cycle of manifestation.

Explore Deeper with the Wheel of Life Email Series

Ready to elevate your intentional living journey to new heights? Take this topic a step further by immersing yourself in the 

9 Week Email Series, Crystal Clarity: Navigating Your Wheel of Life

This immersive series is carefully curated to accompany you on a profound exploration of each segment of the Wheel of Life, weaving together insights, practical exercises, and personalized strategies that align with your unique path to intentional living. 

In each email, unlock the secrets of a specific life area, delving into the nuances that shape your holistic well-being. Discover tailored videos and exercises designed to deepen your self-awareness and guide you in setting intentions that resonate with your core values and aspirations. Whether you’re focusing on spiritual growth, physical vitality, financial abundance, or the richness of relationships, each email in this series unfolds a personalized roadmap for intentional living. Using crystal correspondences in each email, we selected gemstones to amplify the energy of the life area, bringing an extra layer of vibrancy and intention to your journey.

As you embark on this enlightening journey, expect to receive a wealth of knowledge, empowering exercises, and crystal-clear guidance, uniting the power of the Wheel of Life philosophy with the energetic support of crystals. The Crystal Clarity: Navigating Your Wheel of Life email series is not just a series of emails; it’s a complete video webinar you can use again and again on your intentional living journey, offering a helping hand as you navigate the intricacies of each life area.

Are you ready to transform intention into action? Join us on this transformative journey by subscribing to the Crystal Clear Wheel of Life email series. Your intentional and purposeful life awaits, one email at a time.

The Wrap Up

Sis, it’s time to make intentional living your superpower. Let’s incorporate the magic of the Wheel of Life and the endless possibilities of intentional living into your story. Embrace the power within you and get ready to manifest a life that feels like it was tailor-made for your uniquely beautiful soul. Your journey toward holistic well-being, prosperity, and meaningful connections is a unique path, guided by the insights gained from the Wheel of Life.


If you’re eager to delve into a more immersive experience, consider joining our Wheel of Life email series using the form above. It’s time to cultivate a life that aligns with your deepest desires—one intentional step at a time. Share your thoughts and reflections on this transformative journey in the comments below. Your unique perspective adds depth to our collective understanding, creating a vibrant community of intentional living enthusiasts.


Thank you for joining us on this odyssey of self-discovery and purposeful living. May your intentional choices continue to shape a life that resonates with joy, fulfillment, and abundance.

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